Ode to John

In search of some clarity and, if I’m being honest, an overwhelming desire to procrastinate, I put my job searching on hold to listen to John Mayer’s new album, Paradise Valley. In my eyes, musically speaking, John Mayer can do no wrong. Even his worst songs are better than some artists best songs. 

All music has its place. Despite the constant “Oh god music is so bad these days eww Justin Bieber” attitude of most people, let’s not pretend all old school music had some kind of intellectual value. If I wanna ride my bike down the road on a sunny day with an ice cream cone in one hand, I might pump a little “Kiss Me” by 1D. I have no shame in that. (Granted there is no time and place in my life where Taylor Swift is tolerated. I’m sorry, I just can’t. If you knew he was trouble, why didn’t you just leave?) 

But when I’m feeling kind of introspective or nostalgic or I just wanna mellow out, I bring out John. There’s a Mayer mood I get in, and it usually lasts hours. Several albums later, I think maybe I can conquer whatever problem got me in that mood to begin with. So thanks John, for putting your journey of self-discovery to music and letting me have a listen. 


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