Blurred Lines

When did getting stalked by photographers become a staple of being a celebrity? I’m curious about that. Has it always been that way? I suppose I could do some research into it but I usually try to research things I really care about. This question only borders on mild curiosity. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll stumble across the answer online someday by accident–as I have with all my acquired useless knowledge.

Anyway, I read an article today about Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner trying to get California Senate Bill SB606 passed, which is basically a measure to prevent the paps from being complete creeps. 

As I always do, I scrolled down to the comments to see what the majority of internet trolls think. It was almost unanimous that, yes, while part of celebrity is being dogged by large men with cameras, it isn’t fair for these “photographers” to harass children. But then there are those select few commenters who believe that these celebrities need to quit whining and pony up.

I agree with the majority. While I don’t understand it, I realize that people want to see where Jennifer Aniston buys her toilet paper. Somebody cares, because these photographers sell these pictures to magazines for thousands, even millions, of dollars, and the magazines in turn sell these pictures to us. 

But there has to be a line somewhere. We shouldn’t ask these people to just “deal with it.” Not when it comes to their kids. They’re not famous for being parents, they’re fame came from acting or singing or dancing or making a spectacle of themselves in public (looking at you JWOW) or however people acquire fame these days. And while I usually think celebrities really shouldn’t be complaining about anything ever because they knew what they were getting into, I do think there should be some respect given to their children. I mean, just because it’s part of their job to be known doesn’t mean we all have to treat them like circus animals. 

Then again, the whole “fame culture” has really taken a hit since people became famous for making sex tapes and having a lot of money. So, I dunno. As Robin Thicke would say, “I hate these blurred lines.” 


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