The One About Religion

I think at one point, almost all organized religions came from an honest place. A group of people with common beliefs and backgrounds wanted to come together in faith. But along the way, the original reason for this coming together gets blurred, people start keeping secrets, and all sorts of unholy shenanigans take place because nobody is perfect and when it comes to humans running things, something is bound to go wrong.

This whole thing with Leah Remini leaving Scientology and basically outing them as a bunch of crazies (which… I don’t think she even needed to do because Tom Cruise really didn’t help their cause anyway), its made me very uneasy. Because there can be plenty of good that can come out of religion, but you really never hear about it. The problem happens when people put religious practices and traditions over God. 

A religion should provide people with similar beliefs and morals an outlet where they can comfortably worship, exchange ideas and encourage each other. It should not be a place where people feel bullied, judged or afraid. And it shouldn’t be a platform for you to condemn and or mistreat those who do not agree with your beliefs. 

I believe in heaven, but in no way do I feel that my religion gives me some kind of free pass to get in. Religion is merely a label, a category in which to define your specific set of beliefs. 

I have officially gone off on a tangent of nonsensical statements, but I hope I’ve said something. And I hope Remini can find a place of faith where she doesn’t feel persecuted.


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