She Said What?!

“Paula Deen Allegedly Asked Black Staffers to Dress Like Aunt Jemima”

At a certain point, “news” becomes counterproductive. Things we hear do not encourage us to promote change or become informed. After a while, people start fishing for reasons to be pissed. And that’s when headlines like this start surfacing.

We get it. Really. Paula Deen has said some racist stuff in the past and it’s made a lot of people angry. She’s been publicly disgraced and lost a lot of money. As a black person, I do not take offense to Paula Deen’s comments. What bothers me is that now, the media is going to point out every ignorant comment that floweth from the mouth of Ms. Deen and say, “hey, black people, look! Look what other mean thing she said! Doesn’t that make you mad?! Ugh! Racism, am I right?”

Can we please stop entertaining ignorance? Can we move along and point out the progress and live in a way that changes things? Do you know why reality shows are so popular? Because America loves a good train wreck. We like to roll our eyes at how stupid everybody else is. We like to come to our modest homes and scoff at the Kardashians fighting over who gets to drive the Lambo. It’s funny and it prompts discussion and we love it. But if everybody turned off their TV’s and went to walk their dogs or read a book and ignored the Kardashians, you know what would happen? They would disappear. Because they thrive on the hate as well as the accolades.

That’s a pipe dream of course because they will never go away. We’re stuck with them, and Paula Deen and Honey Boo Boo forever because people like to gawk.


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