Drop the Mic


As you know, Duchess Catherine (is that right?) who the American media continue to refer to as Kate Middleton, just had a baby. And already tabloid brooks are a babblin about her post pregnancy body. 

OK! Magazine in the UK apparently ran a piece filled with weight loss tips for Kate. Which, yeah, everybody is probably going to be really annoyed by because, come one, she just pushed out an 8 pound human. Weight is probably the last thing she’s concerned about. But then there are those laughable people on the other side of the spectrum who are commenting her for her “bravery” to show her “post baby body” to the world. 

Really? Bravery? 

Bravery is an introvert taking a public speaking class. Bravery is a man or woman joining the military. Bravery is even having children. But the fact that she walked outside with her new baby and all we can think to say is “Wow, she’s so brave for walking outside in public with that post preggo body,” kind of sets us back and defeats the purpose of the sentiment altogether. It’s like saying she should have a reason at all to be hesitant. But our fixation on body image is so prevalent that we must comment on it, whether it’s a positive or negative reaction.

Here’s a completely left field idea. What if we said nothing about Kate’s appearance and instead just commented on how happy she and William must be? New parents, that’s great! 

And then drop the mic. Shh. That’s it. There’s nothing more to say.


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