It’s a strange thing, celebrity deaths. I recently lost interest in Glee, though I would say I was a fan of its earlier days. The character Finn Hudson, played by Cory Monteith, was a favorite of mine because of his goofy charm. His death is sad, but it’s as if my brain can’t figure out why.

I didn’t know him, I never met him or had any kind of relationship with him. If I died, his life would’ve continued, business as usual. But I attributed him and his personality to what I saw on TV–it was as if we did have a friendship even if he didn’t talk directly to me. Which is what makes the passing of a celebrity so strange. We don’t know them, not like I knew my grandmother or my pet that passed away. And yet, for characters we become familiar with, we feel a connection to them that we can’t explain. And even now, pictures and video clips are everywhere online, contradicting what I was told on Saturday, that he is dead. There will be reruns, YouTube interviews and all kinds of things to immortalize this person. And I won’t attend his funeral, so I will never see “proof” of his end.

It’s a very confusing thing to know that someone has passed away, but continue to live on a screen. The visual aspect of celebrity has created a new way to experience loss, which is pretty sad considering life in itself is tragic enough.

There is no way for anyone close to this man, who died way too young, to know this, but I do hope they find peace and comfort in the midst of this horrible sadness.


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