In my evening travels through YouTube, I somehow found myself looking at “flubs” from Miss USA/World/Universe pageants. Granted, they’re hilarious. But I mean, come on. They ask these girls questions on the spot, controversial questions that actually require some thought to produce coherent answers. So unless you’re a lawyer or some great orator, it takes more than a couple seconds to really formulate a solid answer.

But that’s not… my point. Why are these competitions still a thing? We almost had a female president! Haven’t women made enough progress to move on from being judged for how pretty they are? And you know, a lot of them are involved in humanitarian work, have college degrees or are pursuing college degrees! Which makes me wonder, why then are we making it seem, through these competitions, that they have added worth because they’re attractive?

Remember Miss South Carolina? Poor girl. I’m sure without all the lights, people and expectations she would’ve gave a way better answer. And you know what? Maybe none of her friends have maps. Who are we to judge?


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