Living Lasts

I really appreciate the advice of living as if it were my last day. It’s always inspiring, somehow, to think of your death as imminent, and therefore containing all of your future and present joy in a 24 hour block. 

But I do think that statement needs to be modified to different situations.

For example, if today were my last day on Earth, I would not be where I am presently. I would leave this office, fly to my parents house, and spend time with them. I haven’t seen them in almost 8 months and there is no way that I would waste my last moments typing out a blog post in a cubicle. I’d take all the money I have and spend it on really, really fancy ice cream. I’d max out my credit card buying presents for all my friends. And then, in those last waking moments, I’d lay in a California King Bed surrounded by pillows, my family, and a chocolate fountain. 

Obviously, I cannot do any of those things. Actually, I definitely could but it would be terribly unwise. So instead, I’d think, what if today were my last day here, where I am now? Or what if these are the last words I’d say to this person? What if I left this office and they never saw me again because Daddy Warbucks came and took me away to his mansion to be his live-in Nanny? 

I think if you’re going to live lasts, live like tomorrow is your last day at work before retirement, or today is the last day you take your kids to school before they become teenagers and make you drop them off a block away. Live as if today is the last time you’ll be able to smell homemade bread or fresh, right out of the oven pizza because starting tomorrow, all you can eat is Saltines and Vegemite. 


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