North Is A Direction.

You know how everyone (yes every single person on God’s green earth) has had concern about Kim and Kanye’s baby? Like, the overall mental and emotion health of the child? Yeah, well those fears have been confirmed. Because as I’m sure the internet knows, they have named that poor, innocent creature… North West. The name of their female child is North. I’m just going to assume that it’s because Kanye’s last name is also a direction. I refuse to believe that those two put any further thought into it than that. In fact, I bet the conversation went something like this: 

Kanye: “You know how my las name West?” 

Kim: “Tehe. Yeah?”

Kanye: “What if we, like, named it Norf?”

Kim: “Norf?”

Kanye: “Naw, like, norf, like up, naw mean?”

Kim: “So. Cute.” 

And that’s it. That’s all there is. Because to some celebrities, baby’s are novelties. Like, that cute bracelet you bought at the flee market, or the rug your Mom brought from Kenya. I mean, Blue Ivy. Come. ON. Are these people just assuming their kids are going to go into the same shallow, meaningless field that his/her parents have chosen? Why can’t they give their kids a normal name and let them form their own identities outside of their parents need to brand their own spawn? 

North West, girl… I wish you the best. Just know that, until you get old enough to have a terrible, entitled attitude and make everyone dislike a small child, we’re all rooting for you. Chin up. Good luck out there. 


One thought on “North Is A Direction.

  1. I actually wrote something similar today, about celeb baby names and even how non celebs tend to do stupid things while naming children. Children are people, not toys. Naming them is the first thing we do to secure their future. Let’s think about that before we call them just anything.

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