Lifetime Does It, Again

Lifetime shocked no one when they released a trailer for their newest “original film” “Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret” today. Yeah, that Jodi, who hasn’t even broken in her prison jump suit or done her first load of penitentiary laundry. So I’m just going to go ahead and crawl into the carcass of that dead horse cliche about America glorifying criminals because… I mean, the horse is already dead right? 

Isn’t reality harsh enough? Do we have to keep giving attention to the bad people? When is the last time Lifetime made a movie ripped from the headlines about something positive? Like all those stories about animals who learn to dial 911 and save their owners? I mean, I would not watch that movie, being that I’m not really into movies featuring animals unless it’s a Disney/Pixar animation, but that would be an adorable. 

Why do we have to give Jodi more air time? She did the crime, we know that, and if anyone is interested I’m sure there are crime scene photos that they can creepily look at from their moldy basements while they pick at their scabs. But for the rest of us, who’ve endured the belabored media coverage, why do we now have to see a dramatic, very realistic, re-enactment of something so terrifying? What about the parents of the victim? Why should their tragedy be turned into profit for our entertainment?

You know, a comment on the Yahoo! article about this movie said it best. 

“I would rather watch Kim Kardashian breast feed Honey Boo Boo than see one second of this movie.”

Me too pal. Me too.


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