Just Checking: Cheerios Mixed Race Ad

This makes me incredibly happy. I’ve always admired mixed race couples because to me they really stand for where we should be as a country. Of course, where we actually are is demonstrated by the backlash this commercial is getting. In an ideal world, the only comment made on this video would be “aw, look how cute that little girl is.” Instead it’s glaringly obvious that this is no ordinary “TV Family.”

Saying this commercial is “no big deal” is almost as ignorant as racism itself. It is a big deal because mixed race couples are hardly shown on television. If that does happen, they are not treated as a normal couple. The fact that they are different races is always the butt of a joke or a point of tension and/or discussion. I’ve seen TV shows where gay couples are treated just like everyone else. There’s no long winded discussion about their sexuality or themed episodes about their struggles, no jokes made or fingers pointed. But I don’t think I have ever seen a mixed race couple featured on television where their differences aren’t made glaringly obvious to an almost uncomfortable degree.

We don’t live in an ideal world. If we did, I could eat Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ben & Jerry’s everyday, for every meal, and be the picture of health. But since that is not the case, I struggle through plates of green, leafy stuff and low-fat this or that. So no, I don’t expect people to react rationally to a mixed race couple on a Cheerios commercial. But it sure would be nice if that trend continued–if the TV world would mirror the diversity of our culture the right way.


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