Will Smith Always Wins

Let’s all just calm down, alright? It was bound to happen, sooner or later. I think it really started with Hancock (eh, maybe I Am Legend actually), and so I’m confused as to why people are writing about “After Earth” as if it is Will Smith’s first bad movie ever.

He has to suffer in some way. The guy doesn’t age, he’s apparently breeding superstars, from what I can tell he’s got a successful marriage. It’s always up for Will Smith, all the time. But from the moment I heard that outrageous Southern/British hybrid of an accent from the After Earth trailer, I just knew. I don’t need to see the movie. There aren’t enough ways to say I’d never pay money to see Jaden Smith try acting anything other than adorable (Pursuit of Happyness? Nailed it).

And you know what? I doubt Will Smith lost any sleep over this supposed suckfest of a movie. He’s still a millionaire, still in a seemingly successful marriage, still loved and adored by many. It’s really not his fault that the movie was terrible. It takes more than just one movie star to put together a rotten film. Of course, if it was a great movie, we’d all be like “Will Smith has done it again!” and completely forget that Hancock exists.


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