A New Thing

So today I start something new. I like doing new things because old things get boring and mundane and you start to wonder what direction your life is headed and what decisions led you to the point in your life where the old things are just not even marginally interesting.

But new things get old too and then eventually we want to start up a new thing again. One would believe that maybe the key to life isn’t to constantly submerge yourself in new things, because those new things will become old. We must find a way to make the new things always feel like new things, fascinating things… Wonderful things.

But I digress.

My new thing is an internship and it’s going to be great, I hope. It has been a morning of paperwork (paid internship, can I get a hallelujah?), walking around with my mouth hanging open and realizing all the hallways look the same.

Here’s to my new thing! May it always feel that way.


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