All Class: Traveling 101

You know what I like about Greyhound? And there isn’t much, let me tell you. But the thing I like about it is that everybody gets the same crappy service. Whether you’ve got a butler (and are therefore riding as some kind of social experiment), or you can barely afford a Big Mac. No matter your economic status, you will be sitting in the same uncomfortable seats with a stranger drooling on your shoulder and a toddler screaming for a juice box behind you.

You’ll get the same roadside smoking break, overnight announcements to get off the bus and wait in a shady station only to get hit on by homeless men. Greyhound plays no favorites–so pick a seat, shut up, and listen to your bus driver crack jokes about kicking you off the bus if you curse in front of a lady.

I can respect modes of travel that don’t cater to those of us who sweat money. Why should someone who can afford it get to be more comfortable in a flying metal tube?

Greyhound doesn’t believe that. They understand that no matter your social status, you should be able to find an old pizza slice under your seat. And nobody’s travel experience is complete unless they overhear an overweight woman curse out her boyfriend on the phone.

So keep it classy Greyhound.


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