Dusty Good Old Days

I tried to get into Arrested Development a couple of years ago, but it just didn’t catch. It was funny, but in that way where I’m not sure if I’m too stupid to get it, or they’re just trying too hard to be clever. I figured that if that many people liked it, I was the one missing a few humor cells.

Well, after popular demand (I guess), it’s back and it’s the talk of the town. Once again I find myself wanting to be interested, but my quirky comedy well is all filled up with reruns of ‘The Office.’ Even so, I’m cringing at the idea of bringing back something that was once so loved. As much as I adored Michael Scott’s character on The Office, I applauded Steve Carell’s decision to not over stay his welcome.

It seems that Hollywood really sucks at letting go. Goodbyes are not their thing, so they continue to wipe the dust off the ‘good old days.’ Except their motivator is making money and they know how sentimental us human folk are when it comes to our beloved TV/movie characters.

They’re making a Veronica Mars movie at some point and while I’m really excited about this–honestly, gone too soon–I’m nervous. It’s no fun to see something beloved get ruined by those who have been blinded by nostalgia. So, I hope all those Arrested Development fans are happy with the outcome of their entertainment dreams. I can only hope the same for the Veronica Mars situation.


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