The Fallen

I think this whole Lance Armstrong situation is just another example of why we shouldn’t glorify athletes (or anyone for that matter) because they almost always fall short of our dreams for what they should be.

Now that we realize that it was too good to be true, can we really blame the guy? I mean, the pressure to achieve, to maintain the level of excellence that his sport and his fans demanded of him. That can’t be easy to handle.

Not that I’m in anyway condoning what he did. Cheating is cheating and there’s no excuse for it really. There are plenty of people (I’m assuming) who worked really hard without enhancements to be in the races that he won. And he may have cheated a lot of people out deserved victories, and that’s unfair.

But now he’s “fallen from grace”–which isn’t a hard thing to do in this society–and trying to patch up his image. Which is really too bad, because he can do the verbal tap dance with as many news outlets has he wants. He’ll always be the guy who duped us all into thinking he was much greater than he really was, and he fell long, and hard, onto a pile of us mortals.


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